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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 18:47
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PURPOSE : 800 kWp PV Power Plants for Direct Injection in Light Train Low Voltage D.C. Networks

ABSTRACT : The purpose of this project is to manufacture and install such PV power plants in Germany, 250 kWp at Hannover and in Switzerland, 154 kWp at Geneva and about 100 kWp at Lausanne.
New modules with specifications classII 1500V are certificated by some europeen manufacturer for the Heliotram project. Application from industrial safety for photovoltaic high system fiability. Use of ultra-fast bidirectional swich with special magnetic coil, HF Filter and lighting protectection. Fly wheel energy storage systems are installed in the Hanover LRT system to intermediately store recovered braking energy until an approaching train can use it. They can also be used for the intermediate storage of solar power generated by the PV plant which is not being utilised. All the data of this plants are equipeted with a special monitoring.

KEYWORDS : 650VDC grid connected, new modules homologation, industrial plant, building integration, Magnetic Dynamic Accumulators. SE 146 / 96 DE-FR-CH

Project web site: www.sunwatt.ch

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Figure 1a : Hanover 250KWp

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Figure 1b : Geneva 154 KWp


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